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Posted on September 24, 2009


Hello!  After I read the three articles due for class this week I thought, “Do I have trouble seeing the side of Immigrants”???  For myself I have always had a uber obsession with tech toys and tools.  If it is new and suppose to be great to use 9 times outta 10 I will buy it and try it.  I started my love affair with technology during my second year of teaching where I taught for a school district that had an amazing free computer classes for all staff members.  They were classes you could get credit for plus you would get cool tools for your class like cameras and lap tops.  The only hitch was giving up some weekends to get the stuff.  I was cool with it because I felt schools were going to get more into tech and I wanted to learn what would help my kids the best.

So I went to a lot of classes and the NCTE conferences and applied a lot of concepts into my classroom.  Over the years I have spent oodles of time by myself trying out a tool and using it myself first before using it on students.  Tech tools are great but if not used wisely can be a huge mess in the classroom.  I would know my way inside and out of a tool before I used it at school.  What i found is not only did students like tech tools but I reached some students who had never been engaged before in class.  Reaching more children caused my passion for tech tools because the more I learn the more my kids are learning as well.

So back to my question, maybe I cannot relate anymore to the immigrant.  I have had a few kids who say, “AAAAWWWW not more computer time”!!!!!   But usually these are kids that whine about picking up a pencil but after the articles maybe I’m not so sure?  I try to work with these kids explain the rationale behind using a tech tool and support them a little more.  Their reluctance maybe their fear of dipping a toe in unfamiliar water and I have never seen it being too blind a native!  So now I will try to see through their eyes and try to interpret a little better for them.

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