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Posted on October 1, 2009


The articles we read for class this week made me think about how unfair the school system is to all writing classes.  I mean Literature is made to be the noble prestigious father of all English and writing looks like the poor cousin.  BUT!  Would we have literature without the WRITTEN WORD??? Exactly!  We would not!  All this literature mumbo jumbo would cease to exist without someone putting pen to paper and writing.  Yes everything starts with Writing but it shouldn’t finish with the study of Literature only.  I am afraid the English department will be fazed out into smaller departments if they do not wise up and let go of Literature only.  How important global communication on the internet is becoming the English department needs to change or I’m afraid it will not be seen as invaluable but an elective.

Maybe the day of the writing teacher is coming thanks to the web.  The English department is becoming a new technology hybrid I do not think they even know how or what it will look like.  If the net isn’t supported with teachers who can guide students through the jungle it is I am afraid the internet will become out of control and lawless.  Look at how business now google facebook or myspace looking for evidence against their new hire.  What if in the future companies are given mega search engines that will find all the trash on you and you thought the stuff was harmless.  How do we make people wise about the internet if we are still fighting about how important it is and should we integrate it.  We are already leaving people out there by themselves without teaching them how to navigate such a hostile frontier.  I am sure many people will be upset when they realize a lot of what they have put on the internet will bite them in the butt later.  How do you stop something that seems fun now but will label you later?  Teachers need to at least try to inform students how to survive internet usage by still having fun on there but to learn how to be careful as well.

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