Why is there SSSSSOOO Much GREED???

Posted on October 30, 2009


You know both readings for this week delt with greed in their own ways.  Schaeffer dealt with Napster and how the music industry squashed a free flowing music community in the name of all the artists who were not getting paid per download.  Give me a break!  Before the internet kids would record music off of the radio by pushing record on the tape player (yes I’m dating myself, HA!) the only reason they could not charge us for that was because they couldn’t track it like the internet.  The article written by Hindman dealt with politics on the internet and how politicians saw it as a tool for political agendas, again using the internet as a greed wagon.  I guess I can see the man’s (that’s what I’m calling big business) point as to what a wealth of access the internet gives them to individual people.  What concerns me is that the government or who ever is not regulating the control the man has over the internet.  All people saw how Napster was blown up like the Death Star by big business because they were not making money off of it.  What stops the man from controlling the internet more now?  Or are they doing it right now?  Is the man slowing pulling the internet together into a big business machine?  Or is the internet so complex or changing it will never be owned?  Kinda like ET when he lifts the bike off of the ground-the internet will never be touched!  Mythical! Special beyond the man!  I do not know but if you mess with their profits they go dark vadar on your ass!

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