Media Artifact

Posted on November 20, 2009


My media artifact has moved nations, changed societies and rocked nations! So what am I talking about? Movies. Movies cause people to reflect on life and society in general. Started in the 1880’s by Edison by creating the first film cell; movies have grown up very quickly. Mostly film was created for political reasons to put forth political issues to the masses. The short films created grew in popularity so by the 1920’s two business controlled most of the industry. Zukor and Fox took over most distribution of films and blocked other companies from production. In 1927 sound was added to films and since then films have been a booming industry.
The golden age of Hollywood faded with the introduction of Star Wars which hailed in the need for block-buster movies with big money. Yet a lot of movies that have been produced reflect ideals our society plays with or is afraid to express to another person. One movie that I can think of is “When Harry Met Sally” and Sally tells Harry women fake orgasms and she gives him a classic example. After the movie came out it seemed the lid to women’s biggest secret was blown off. Many men questioned women about faking it and our society had a whole new topic to discuss. The movie allowed our society to discuss a topic that had been labeled taboo before it. Movies are crucial to our society because they allow us to discuss and dispense ideas we wouldn’t normally present or explain to others. They allow us as humans to expel or fears or express our darkest desires.

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